Tracking forwarded emails


I have a situation and I’m looking for an educated answer
I’ve sent an email campaign, but most recipients are supposed to forward the email to their superiors.
Does anybody know if the forwarded emails could be tracked?


Hi @bogdins , thanks for posting on this community!

Let’s say an email is forwarded. What you want to know is whether or not, if the link is clicked, it would appear on Brevo, right?

hi @ahudavert
it is important to know if the lower-level employees forwarded the email to their bosses
for example on hubspot it shows if the opened email I’ve sent has been forwarded - indeed, doesn’t say where to, but in the case I’m referring to - current campaign, they could only fwd to the superior

Ok I see better now.
I don’t think this (tracking the forwards) is available on Brevo

k. np…
a feature to implement on the future :slightly_smiling_face: