How to debug RSS issues?

I am trying to set up an RSS integration for a Wordpress blog. It was supposed to run today, but it seems that an error occurred.


Where can I find the error log?

Hi @Felipe , thanks for posting on this community!

Maybe @Fibo you have an idea about this? or @a.talukdar ?

Weirdly enough, the integration ran without an error today. My question remains.

Hello Felipe,

I’m not very familiar with this app yet, but if you can DM me your Brevo Account email, I will try to find more info on the error you encountered. Otherwise, you can contact our support team at, referencing this thread so I’ll know which account it is. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the response. Brevo’s RSS integration is unfortunately harder to set up than I hoped it would be, so I switched to a different service. Thanks again :slight_smile: