How to define subscribed/Blocklisted users?

I’m using Brevo’s tracker on my website with GTM and currently every registered user automatically identified as a subscribed to email campaigns contact even if he didn’t check the newsletter dedicated checkbox when submitting the registration form. what should I do to prevent this behavior?

Hi there! The tracker will add contacts if they open/click within your mail. You could try to deactivate the function within the tracker settings in Brevo: Login to your Brevo account.

(Contacts that triggered an track event will be added by the automation nonetheless though)

When sending you should check for contacts who got some kind of opt-in attribute.
Usually the same is updated if a contact gave the consent on your website.

Happy sending!

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Hey, thanks for your response!
Regarding the screenshot you sent, I’ve tried changing and even removing the checkmark completely, but it doesn’t affect in any way how users are identified when they sign up to the site, so I haven’t really been able to figure out how to use it anyway.
So basically, if I send the variable OPT-IN (yes/no) to Brevo in the registration event as part of the identification process, will the system know if he is a subscriber contact or not? Or will I have to create an automation for this?

My pleasure! Please keep in mind that there is still the automation that would add the contacts.

« Contacts that triggered an track event will be added by the automation nonetheless though »

The attribution depends on your setup.

Usually it is done via your subscription process. If you are able to directly push the opt-in value, you can segment you contacts before sending. It does not change the internal subscription status. If you want the contacts to be blacklisted depending on this attribute you would have to setup an automation.