How to make my "app open" link work in the CTA button?

I would like to include a CTA that prompts the users to open the app when clicking on it. It is part of my welcoming automation, however the link doesn’t work. Each time I included, it and I tested it, it was like it was not even there. I tried to put it under an HTML code but the result is the same.

For reference, the link is a deep link, it doesn’t conform to the type of links proposed by Brevo ( absolute, etc) which is why I relied on HTML code but even that didn’t work.

For reference, the link structure is similar to the following: « domain://navigate=/ » - It should open a pop-up asking the users " do you want to open the app" they click open the app and it opens.

Hi @Rey , thanks for posting on this community!

Could the exact deep link you’re using be shared here (if it’s publicly shareable)? So that we can dig deeper on our side.


yes, sure. it’s veamly://navigate=/

@Rey we checked, and from what we saw here is what is happening:

  • link is correctly displayed in the email
  • but, when arriving on the browser, then nothing happens: user is not redirected to any apps

@ahudavert the link is only displayed correctly in the editor while working on the email, but when sent to users it doesn’t appear, and yes nothing happens. How can we fix this?

What happens is that we send it, but browsers and email clients remove it

I see, what could be the reason for that? this never happened before

Good question :slight_smile: I would say security topics, but I’m really not a master of this kind of issue

Alright, thanks for your support @ahudavert !

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