Lead Scoring Automation Via Email Link

Hi everyone,

I’m just getting to grips with automation and lead scoring. I’m working through both Brevo Academy and a help article on creating automations. So far everything works fine. I’ve set up an automation to increase the lead score for a registered email address and then add that address to a new list (list name: Interested).

But when I try to integrate this workflow into a test email campaign, I just can’t get it to work.

Is there an article that details the steps for achieving this? I’m including a screenshot for the workflow I created for increasing the email address’ lead score and adding it to a new list, but when I paste the link mentioned in the workflow into the test email campaign and send it, no amount of clicking on the link changes the score or adds the email address to the desired new list.

Thanks for your help,

Has anyone else tried using automation with emails? I’m just kind of surprised that no one has any input on this?

Any help here would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Will , thanks for posting on this community!

What do you mean by « I just can’t get it to work »: the score is not updated when the contact clicks on the email template?

Yes. But after several days of discussing this with Support and many hours of creating and running test campaigns, it seems the problem is with the system itself. For some currently unknown reason it hasn’t been tracking clicks, which is disappointing.

I’ve been asked to send some additional information to help them get to the source of the problem. So, in other words, I had done everything correctly, it was just the system was failing to capture the information and update the relevant files.

Thanks for your help.

ok thanks! and is it working well now, or is the issue still persisting?

I’ve just run it again at Support’s request and it’s still failing to change the score for the designated email addresses and it’s still failing to add those addresses to the chosen list.

I’ve sent all the request info, so hopefully they will find the issue. Otherwise, I’ll need t find a different product to work with, which would be a shame.


let me check internally

Thanks, Alexandre. I appreciate you looking into this.