Spacer changing appearance when moved in new editor

Hey Brevo-Community,

like the titel says, when using the ‹ new › editor and i take a setup spacer form somewhere of the layout and move it to an other position, it changes its properties.

Before moving i had it set up to 10 pixels hight, with no spacing, and transparent background.

after moving it, it gets a white border, which is white, wound accept transparency anymore, and i have to set the color to the background grey manualy and have to remove the spacings again.

In the old editor it was possible to move the spacers without any problems. it seems like a bug to me.

I would have added screenshots, but i am not allowed to, due to beeing a new user. :confused:

best regards

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Hi @LZG-RLP , thanks for posting on this community!
Now that I’ve replied to you, are you able to add screenshots?

Hey ahudavert,
thank you for your quick reply. Sadly the screenshots still don’t work for me. I just upload them at some image hoster, instead. :slight_smile:

This is what the spacer looks like before I move it.

And this is the design after it was moved.

Ok thanks that’s clear to me!

indeed, it’s strange. Fortunately you could change the spacer to what it looked like before, right?

Still, it’s weird indeed, tagging @Mohit in this thread so that he can be aware of this.

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Yes. I can change the appearance. It is not quiet the same, because the color is set to our backgroundgrey, instead of beeing transparent, but at least it looks like before.
Just changing the values and removing the spacing every time again is a bit unhandy.

Thank you for forwarding the topic

Yes of course, it would be better if it does not change when you move it!

I tried to recreate the case and for me the properties do not change. @LZG-RLP Could you please check the video and let me know if you tried to do something else?

Hi Mohit.

Thank you for your video. At least I can see how to avoid this problem. It only occures, when selecting the spacer in the center, without the additional click on the side, before I start moving it around.

In the old editor it instandly marked the whole thing, if you clicked on the spacer. so you weren’t able to just move the center element.