Campaign editor not accepting specific words?

I’m working my campaign templates in Google Docs and then copy/pasting them into Brevo. For whatever reason it appears to be randomly skipping words, meaning they simply don’t show up in a Brevo text box if I try to move them over.

You can text it yourself with the string in this document.

I do notice if I paste without formatting (Ctrl+Shift+V) it is in the clipboard and it pastes correctly, but I want to be able to include the formatting I’m using in my document design.

I’ve tried looking at the source code for the doc, but I’m out of ideas. What might be going on here exactly?

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Hi @resslx , thanks for posting on this community!

I clicked on the link, the text I’m seeing is « you will discover »; is this the text you’re having trouble with?

Hey @ahudavert, thank you for replying. Yes, when I copy that string into the Brevo text editor the word ‹ discover › does not appear.

Hello @resslx,

Thank you for reaching out. Indeed, the experience of pasting formatted content onto the canvas that was copied from different applications can be improved. Please also submit your feedback to our support team, so we can work towards enhancing this experience in future updates.

In the meantime, we recommend pasting without formatting to avoid encountering such issues.

maybe @Olivier_Beorchia you know a bit about this?