Statistics of Email Segment Wise


The statistics section for the sent campaigns is really helpful. However, currently, those statistics contain a column for the Campaign ID. I think having a column for Segments would be really helpful for users reviewing statistics segment-wise.

Hi @Parv , thanks for posting on this community!
What do you mean exactly by « having a column for Segments »?

@Olivier_Beorchia I’m sure you’ll be interested in this topic :slight_smile:

If we visit statistics under campaign and download it as .csv file there are several KPIs. One of them is campaign ID. But to check which email is assigned to which campaign ID it is difficult to track.
So with that if we can also mention audience or the segment for every email, it will be easier for users to track segment wise KPIs.

Ok I see! Adding @Peter and @murryivanoff as well, that might interest you guys