Unable to send Brevo a support ticket

Hi there,

I’ve tried several times to send a support ticket to Brevo but each time I get the following:

Access to help.brevo.com was denied

You don’t have authorization to view this page.


Is the support only available to paid subscribers?
Please help.

Kind regards,

Hi @Bleached , thanks for posting on this community!

That’s weird, indeed, let me check internally.

On which button did you click to see this error? So that I can check on my side if I can reproduce it.

Hi @ahudavert,

On the main Brevo dashboard I clicked on the ? Help Button and then on the Support & Tickets option. This then opened another tab Brevo Help Centre / Requests. I then clicked on the Contact Your Support Team button on the right hand side. Then filled in the support ticket and submitted it which then produced the error.

@Bleached could you please clear your cache and try again? We checked on our side, no bugs happened, so maybe was it only a temporary issue?

Hi @ahudavert
I successfully sent the support ticket from my smartphone.

Appreciate your help with this,
Kind regards,

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