Nobody can sign up for Brevo SMS - I presume

I am so frustrated. I am trying to sign up TWO of my Brevo accounts for SMS. There is a « TFN » form you have to fill out hosted by « retool » it seems. The freaking form will not submit. So, I sent a screenshot to support via email, for both accounts.

They couldn’t view my website to approve my SMS, and told me I had to submit the form again. (I had the site only viewable in America to help with form spam. It’s now viewable anywhere in the world.)

So today, I find a few minutes to submit the form again, on Chrome. Nope. Error 3 code, again. So I turn off all of my extensions. NOPE. Error 3 code again. Form won’t submit.

So I move over to Firefox browser, surely it’s just a browser issuer. NOPE. Error 3 again. All of my fields are complete. This is INSANITY.

How is ANYONE using bBevo SMS with this humongous failure in the sign-up process? I told the support person on email that it will not submit, and it seems to fall on deaf ears. I have sent screenshots for both businesses of the form. Why can’s move forward?


Who can help me? This is the only bad experience with Brevo so far, but it’s a HUGE fail. Please someone take this ticket and help me get this done. Thank you. I still love you, but you need to buy me flowers for this. :heart_eyes:

Hi @appcrazee ,

I can try to help.
Would you have the screenshot you sent to the support team?

I appreciate it. I can’t upload the form here, but one of my accounts seems to be activated now (as of a few hours ago). The worry (for Brevo) that no one seems t to be addressing the TFN form that won’t allow people to submit. Or maybe it does, and it just tell the user that it failed. Seems like Brevo would want to get the « Error 3 » fixed and/ or tested. I appreciate your help on this.

I think our support team must have come back to you on this now, please tell me if it’s not the case.