User registration is not working

User registration is not sending out the welcome emails. I have a client that I unable to sign up.

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Hi @geraldgmattson , thanks for posting on this community!

What is happening exactly? What do you mean by « user registration »?

@ahudavert They are saying that when they signup, it’s not sending out a verification email to their email account to continue with registration.

This page:

Hi @geraldgmattson , we will be investigating on our side and will let you know :+1:

@geraldgmattson from what we see on our side, verification happened, so I’ll consider this topic as solved

The same issue is happening for me. I am trying to register since a week but no confirmation email arrives and I also wrote to the support, but I didn’t get a response…
And yes, I checked the Spam folder :wink:

I am trying to register with the same email I am using in this community forum fyi.

Hi @ahudavert , I believe the same issue still not resolved as I am unable to received a validation email for sign up ( - this page is not working).

Sign up to community forum however works as i managed to received forum validation email ( - this page is working).

Please be informed that I am using the same email address in both sign up page. I also had tried different browsers, incognito mode, clear cache and using different email addresses, but still unable to received verification email to create Brevo account.