5,000 emails but only for 500 email addresses?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We would like to use Brevo to inform our members (just over 3,000) in our non-profit sports club about news once a month.

We would like to use the Business package for €15 per month. There are 5,000 emails per month free, which would be perfect for us.

But what does the addition of 500 contacts mean? Do I really have to pay 49 € per month if I want to send only 1 e-mail to 3,000 members once a month?


Hi @verein , thanks for posting on this community!

Yes, you got it right: there are two maximums per subscription plan, one in terms of contacts and one in terms of number of emails sent.

In your case, as you have 3,000 contacts, you would need to go for a 49€/month plan indeed.