Account Unable to login, contact us never reply and never solve the issue

My account « » unable to login since last week, reset email never sent, contact us never reply. Is that Brevo service so bad? I have been subscribe since last few year when it was Sendinblue!

Hi @zhenyu ,
Thanks for your message.
Let me check this internally, we’ll get back to you.

Our customer support team followed up directly by email this morning, you must have received their reply.

Hello. I have had the exact same problem for over a week now and have been unable to get a response from Brevo. This is causing a lot of stress at our end as we have had to remove the Brevo chat from our website. We have submitted support tickets but haven’t heard back from them :frowning:

Hi Emma, let me check internally. I’ll come back to you before the end of the day Paris time.

Let’s follow up in DM.

Hey Alexandre, I have the same problem as the previous posters, can you send me a DM aswell? Thanks!

Hi, Alexandre, we are having also the same problem. Google MFA is unable to login. We tried with the recovery code and same result. Everything was working fine some weeks ago. We haven’t received any reply from support and it’s urgent please.

I have the same issue. I have sent 3 requests for someone to contact me, and I have received no response. I have just joined this community forum to see if I can get a response this way. If someone has a phone number for Brevo, i would very much appreciate it. I cannot keep sending support requests through email and waiting for a response.