Blocked account! URGENT!

You blocked our account, I do not have access to my dashboard, due to an unknown dispute for €8.
Despite the fact that I already paid the monthly fee of €93 on June 5th.
I can only assume this is regarding me removing one user from the conversations service, therefore our service would cost €8/month less

What is wrong with you??? This is a very bad start with Brevo for us.
We will strongly consider not to continue to use your services.
Furthermore the support is not responding since more than an hour and there is no way to contact you in other ways.

Hi @Paolo , thanks for your post.

Brevo’s support team will probably come back to you, as soon as they can.

I don’t have the details of the dispute, but as you may imagine, whenever a subscription to Brevo is not paid, account is suspended. Someone will get back to you on this.

Sorry to contradict, but the subscription HAS BEEN PAID on June 5th!!

And still: I would expect to get an email or some kind of heads up before actually blocking access to such a tool.

This practice of yours makes me rethink if Brevo is the right tool for us.

The account has been reactivated as for now.
Your practice is still very debatable, especially since the service was regularly paid for.

For the future I urge you to send an email before blocking an account out of the blue. This would give an opportunity to solve any wrongdoing, as this case clearly shows.

This is common practice by any platform.

I just realized that despite everything was regularly paid I do not have access to services…

My subscription shows as expired.

I urge you to fix this quickly.

Support will come back to you on this. Please reply to them, they will be the one able to give you more details.