Add features to Meetings for groups and multi-day activities

Hello everyone,

I use the forms created with Brevo to collect the data of the people who sign up for my photographic treks. These treks last one or more days and require a maximum number of participants.
Both in the forms and in Meetings, however, I cannot set a start and end date for registrations and a deadline for cancellations, I cannot keep the number of people who register under control so as to close registrations when I reach the maximum number of participants, and I cannot choose specific dates from a calendar to show that the treks take place over several continuous days.
I would like to ask if Brevo has planned (I hope so) to add these functions in the Meetings section, in order to also help those like me who carry out activities that are not limited to 24 hours and involve a group of participants.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Ylenia , thanks for posting on this community!

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on Brevo, but thanks for asking about it, this is the kind of feedback to prioritize our roadmap.

As well, this make me think of something else: have you heard about Brevo Payments? With this solution:

  • you still could not set a maximum number of participants
  • but you’ll be able to get paid for your event, and to give an expiry date to your payment page

More details about this product here:

What do you think?

Thank you so much for your kind reply!

I didn’t know about this possibility you suggest and it’s interesting advice!
However, at the moment I have chosen to have participants pay on the day the photographic trek takes place, so that I do not have to make refunds if the trek is canceled due to bad weather.
I know that my case is a bit complicated because various aspects need to be considered such as: choosing between setting up an activity for a single day or several consecutive days, having a counter to track the number of people who can register, the days on which to open and close registrations and block registrations when the maximum number of people is reached…

Thank you, if sooner or later Brevo decides to also meet needs like this, it would be a great help to manage customers and give them a better booking experience.

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