Calendar Sync = events and daily agenda

Hey guys, when do you think you will be able to launch a calendar sync?
This is something we do really need…
There is wide room also for task management, have you got any plan for that?
-that is also strongly related to calendar sync-

Hi @antoniospecchia , thanks for your post!

By calendar sync, do you mean that you’re expecting to have kind of a « Calendar » app inside Brevo, so that your tasks could be displayed there?

that wouldn’t be useful and not smart: best is to connects an external calendar like Google or Outlook where events, tasks and meetings can be shown.
Best would be 2 ways integration: what added in calendar may be included in brevo.

Ok so basically you’d like to see your tasks being displayed in Brevo task management interface, is it what you mean?

well the task management interface needs a lot of work.
But Sync a calendar is more that that.
It means when you set up a task or a meeting -the brevo’s meeting is not really useful- it should appear in the calendar as well related to the right counterpart in in the CRM -person/company/deal- .

Hi @antoniospecchia thanks for the feedback.

If I understand correctly, you would like:

  1. To have a calendar type view to better manage your tasks and meetings
  2. Have this view synchronized with your own google schedule to better organize

Not sure I get the rest as tasks are already synchronized with all objects. Do you mean you would like also upcoming meetings to be visible on deal/companies pages ?

Yes tasks and meetings should be already linked to the counterparts.
If a calendar view is possible in Brevo that is better.
Generally speaking creating something that already exists outside (and very useful) may be tricky.
Calendar services -either google or outlook already works well, I do not see any reason why creating it (as it has been done with the meetings), but yes a view is useful.
An integration with Google Meet, or other meetings management also could improve
the tool management
thank you