Deal Cards not displaying info such as incoming task or calendar event

For example, in automation, i do create a deal when someone book a meeting.
In the Deal page the card has been properly created when someone booked, but it doesn’t show the upcoming event as expected at the bottom of the card, just « Choose action ».
I do have the « display up coming activity » turn on in the card setting.
Am i doing something wrong?

@boris.rieunier will be interested in this discussion I’m sure :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I got it: The meeting is associated to the contact and not to the deal.
If that is right, is there a way to associate a meeting that someone has booked to a specific deal?

Hi @Guillaume thanks for the message.

Indeed we need to associate automatically Brevo meetings with the Deals. For now only upcoming tasks are shown and automatically associated with contact/deals and companies. Meetings booked through Brevo should be taken into account as well.

Regarding tasks created through automation, it should also be synced with the deal as well.

It is something we will be working on but we unfortunately cannot commit on a delivery date for now.

ok thank you @boris.rieunier