Issues with Modifying Deals in Automation: Need Clarification


I would like to understand how the Deals section actually works.

I have been working on an automation where, when a prospect schedules an appointment, I add a deal. However, there’s a significant problem.

If this lead cancels the appointment, there is no update to the deal information. Even worse, it is impossible within the automations to modify the deal of a prospect linked to their email.

So, it’s impossible to update the deal card if the prospect cancels their appointment or changes the date, and it’s also impossible to delete the deal card via automation.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand the point of being able to only « create a deal » within the automations and not do anything else.

Did I miss something? Are there more options for modifications in the automation with the paid version?

Thank you,

Hi @JordanB , thanks for posting on this community;

I’ll add @boris.rieunier to this thread, maybe he can help?