I can't get out of this problem. "api"

I am using your transactional module. when I examined the apis, I did not see filtering according to the « from » parameter. for example, I sent 20 emails from info@meinrufretter.com, I sent 10 emails from sales@meinrufretter.com. is there an api where I can only see the logs of the emails sent by first mail? or how can I do this?

Hi @beydemir, thanks for posting on this community.

Are these two different templates? If yes, then you can filter by template id, see here: Get the list of transactional emails on the basis of allowed filters
otherwise in the doc I don’t see any options to filter by sender, indeed

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unfortunately no… I will be fully integrated into brevo as crm, but this kind of thing bothers me. for example, I bought the sales module. I want an automation to work when the sale is approved, if the transaction is made. so I need webhook very much. but this is not there either unfortunately.

when the sale is approved, if the transaction is made

How would you know that the sale is approved? Where would this information, or the one that the transaction is made, come from?

if the sale is approved,

where it will come to « agreement reached ».
then we will execute various automations for the deals assigned to the « deal done » card. let’s say there are 3 tasks belonging to this deals.

When these tasks are completed, we want the deal to be assigned to the « won » card. then it should be registered as a customer.

What is missing in the setup here:

sales module webhook,
Where is the « won » opportunity registered as a customer or is it registered or does it just remain as a won deal?

I think @boris.rieunier will be able to answer. I know we’re working on being able to automate a few things across Brevo, let’s hope this part will be in the scope!

Hi @beydemir thank you for your question.

It is possible from automation to trigger an automation based on deal stage updates:

If you want to handle your user lifecycle you can update a contact attribute based on a deal being updated as won for example.

We will also be adding this year other elements like being able to update a company or trigger automations based on task completion.

Lastly, indeed for now we don’t have webhooks for deal updates or task completion but its also on our roadmap. I cannot confirm the date for now but it will done by the end of the year.

I hope this answers your questions and I am available if I missed anything or if you have additional questions regarding a scenario you don’t see how to implement regarding your sales process.


Hello, I am testing them now. the place where you made a suggestion worked for me, I continue on it, thank you first of all for this. but there is a problem like this. I have a workflow. after an action occurs in this workflow, I want to include all the contact data of the user in my own database. so I need to be able to get the deals that it is associated with. but it only returns me data from the api in this way.

[2024-07-04 09:59:10] local.INFO: array (
‹ email › => ‹ furkanbeydemirr@gmail.com ›,
‹ scenario_id › => 14,
‹ datetime › => 1720076350,
‹ step_id › => 4,
‹ attributes › =>
array (
‹ NACHNAME › => ‹ Beydemir ›,
‹ VORNAME › => ‹ Furkan ›,
‹ SMS › => ‹  ›',
‹ EMAIL › => ‹ furkanbeydemirr@gmail.com ›,
‹ properties › =>
array (
‹ identifiers › =>
array (
‹ contact_id › => 76548,
‹ event_date › => ‹ 2024-07-04T06:22:23.779Z ›,
‹ source › => ‹ deals ›,
‹ unified_contact_creation › => true,
‹ user-agent › => ‹ sendinblue_contacts/crm ›,

There is no unique value here for me to get the related deals. or I cannot see the related deals of the customer.

Maybe I can create a new « deals id » attirubute in the contact section and send it while sending an email and catch it that way, then I said I would send a request to the deals api with the id I obtained and catch it from there, but the customer may have more than one deals. this is not a permanent solution. can you support on this issue? is there another way? I hope I was able to explain…

hey? any update???