Automate task creation based on Deal attribute values

Is there a way to create tasks for owners of Companies based on other attribute values for the Company?

Hi @jburtchette , thanks for posting on this community!

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Hi @jburtchette

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately for now its not possible to use companies owner for task creation.

Could you expand with an example of the type of automation you would like to perform when it comes to creating tasks based on companies or deals attributes ? Is it about adding attributes to the tasks note content or using attributes changes as triggers?

Hi @boris.rieunier. Thanks for the quick response.

My use case:
I’d like to create tasks assigned to owners based on an « expiration date » attribute on the Company item. The expiration date refers to the Company’s subscription to our services. The task is a simple reminder to followup with the Company on a quarterly basis. I can easily make the tasks manually when I initially enter the expiration date, but would have been cool to automate.