Automation triggered when attribute changes


I’d love to trigger automations if a chosen attribute changes its value. In some other marketing automation platforms the options are:

  • « field changes », what ever change happens in the field/attribute
  • « field changes from X to Y » so when the field changes from something specific to a different specific value
  • « field changes to Y » so a field changes from any random value to a specific value

Is there any way this could be built using the current Brevo features and attributes? If not, can I make a feature request for this? :blush: This would be crucial for many of our automations! Thanks :heart:

Hi @oonis , thanks for posting on this community!

  • « field changes to Y » so a field changes from any random value to a specific value

You can do this with segments:

  • create a segment: contacts for which attribute = Y
  • then create an automation, that will check every day which contacts are belonging to the segment. Given that you can decide if a contact is able to enter only once a given automation, you’ll be sure it’s ok

Of course it’s not exactly what you would like to do, as you would like to trigger the automation immediately after the value change. But maybe can it fit your need?

For the other ones I don’t really know: @Florent would you know more about this: could there be a way to monitor an attribute’s value change?

Hi @oonis , thank you for raising this topic!
I’m the Product Manager for Automation. This is indeed in our roadmap, planned for Q4 of this year. We have major technical challenges for this one so I can’t commit 100% on this date, but we will try to add this capability. We can’t monitor attributes’ value changes in real time right now.

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