Automated action after submit form

Is there a way to alert someone via email when a form is submitted? Basically send the details of a form submission to an email address that may not be mine. Looking inside the automations, is this the purpose of the « Use my event data to customize the email » feature? I’d really just like to send the details of the submission on a given form to another person. Do i need to create a template for this?

I used the « I want to send a hidden copy of this email » option, but then it sent a copy of the submission to the email address submitted on the form. How would I avoid that? I only want the form submission to be sent to a specific person to be notified. THX.

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Hi @appcrazee ,

Is it this option that you used?

Yes. And I created a template. But when I filled out the form it sent the information to the person on the form as well.

Indeed. With Brevo you can send a confirmation email once the form has been submitted by a contact, this will:

  • send an email to this contact
  • if you specify it, this can cc another person

But you can’t send an email always to the same person without sending it to the contact. Though, with the help of automation, you could for example create a task for this person inside our CRM, it this could be useful

Can I make this a feature request somehow? :grinning: Where can we post those?

It’s a standard in apps like Jotform, etc. I am trying to do 100% of my work in Brevo. I could possibly also use Pabbly or Zapier for this notification, but then I a have the possibility of a webhook fail where the email would not be sent.


I guess a work around would be that I use that email as a confirmation for the person filling out the form and also send it to the third party that I need it sent to. THX


For the feature request I’m cc-ing @Mohit here

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Maybe @sylvain as well can help here :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry if I’m jumping in here, but I have exactly this problem and don’t understand the email template. At the moment I have created a form that can be filled out and submitted via iframe on my site. However, I would like both me and my customer to receive a copy of the completed form.

Thank you for your help!


There needs to be a way to notify just the account owner if someone signs up to a form or list. This would happen WITHOUT sending any emails to the person who just signed up to the form. This is important. Thank you.

I would like the opposite option. I would like the customer NOT to receive an email. I have to log in to see if the action I want happened. There is no notification.