Notification of new contacts

I am trying to work out why I am not getting an email notification when a new contact signs up. The first I know of it is when I log into Brevo. The contact form is on my website.

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Hi @MegD , thanks for posting on this community!

What do you mean exactly by « when a new contact signs up »: when a contact fills in a form?

The best way to do that I think is:

  • when a contact submits a form, you send a confirmation email
  • on the template that you choose for the confirmation, you add yourself in cc

Do you see what I mean?

Yes, thanks Alexandre. Is the a way for the notification to go directly to my email so I don’t have to go in to have a look to see if there is a new contact who has completed a form?

If you have cc-ed yourself of the email template, you’ll receive it directly so you won’t have to go in.

But I get what you mean: maybe you would like to have a notification to yourself only? In this case, unfortunately I don’t see any solutions so far :thinking:

Hi there!

Is there a possibility to get a copy of the entries sended with the Form? Because i ask a couple of important attributes that I need to calculate an offer. I want their answeres as an email please!

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Hi @CELAdesign , thanks for posting on this community!

I don’t think this is possible, but what you can do is:

  • go to the list to which your contacts have been added
  • download the contact list

I understand it’s not exactly what you would like to have, but could this help?

Adding @Mohit in this thread

There needs to be a way to notify just the admin if someone signs up to a list. This would occur WITHOUT sending any emails to the person who just signed up. I don’t currently see a way to do this, but it’s important. Thank you.

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Hi @appcrazee , in our automations you can do the action called « Send a notification »: this will allow you to send a given message to a given person (always the same), based on a trigger (contact added to a list or form filled in):

=> could that fit your need?

@CELAdesign this can reply to your question as well:

  • every time a contact is added to a list or when a form is filled in
  • you send a notification to yourself, with the details of the contact

=> what do you think?

@MegD I think this can reply to your use case as well

As well, so that you know, we have this help article that describes a similar use case: