Creating a new subscriber notification automation

Dear All,

I have created an automation for when a new subscriber signs up for my newsletter, but it’s not working. 8 people have subscribed, but I haven’t received any emails notifying me.

Also, there ought to be a way to set up a notification that tells you exactly WHO has subscriber (name and email address) but I can’t figure that out. HELP!

Have you checked, that the automation and the email template are active?

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@Embodied , did you find a solution to your issue in the end?

Hi ahudavert, no, I did not get an answer to my question. I still have no idea to see how many new subscribers have signed up, nor can I figure out how to set up a notification so that I get an email when a new person subscribes. Which seems like a really basic thing that ought to be more obvious…

For the stats I don’t think it is possible, but maybe @Mohit can say more.
Let me check internally for the notification to yourself, we’re starting to have a few requests like yours.

Thank you so much. I used to be able to set up a notification email and see stats very easily in Malichimp before I switched to SendinBlue, so I got used to it. It helps to know when you get new signups related to which marketing activity, and I can’t link my Brevo account to all my marketing activity but if I know WHEN someone signed up I can make a good guess.

@Embodied you can check my reply here: Notification of new contacts - #8 par ahudavert

I think it can fit your use case as well, tell me what you think: on Brevo you can send a notification to yourself when a trigger is met, for example a contact is added to a list or a form is filled in.

And if you do this, you’ll be able to see the stats as well, by checking the statistics of this automated flow :+1:

Hi, Thanks, I was able to do that, but I don’t see any way to include the name of the new subscriber in the notification, which would be helpful.

Sure! Did you check this article:

and specifically the « Personalize your email template » section?

THank you, that was helpful. There were some steps I had done differently, lets see if the whole setup works better now!

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