Send latest newsletter to new subscribers

I am reaching out because I am struggling with one of my newsletters.

Here is my problem:
I have a monthly newsletter, and when someone subscribes, in addition to the automated welcome/confirmation email, I would also like him to receive the latest newsletter.

I did not manage to automate it, apparently for two reasons:

  1. the number of days between two newsletters sent are not the same (sent on the first Tuesday of the month), so it seems tricky to set segments?
  2. as the newsletter obviously changes every month, we can not set it as a template that could be sent automatically to every new subscriber

Is there a way to do it that I did not think about ?

Thanks a lot !!

Hi @GuillaumeCC , thanks for posting on this community!

How would you identify the latest newsletter? Because on Brevo, as you know, we use templates both for email campaigns and for automations. So when you choose to send an email, you choose a template. So here the most critical point is to identify the last template you sent to your users.

Hi @ahudavert , thanks a lot for your help!

At the moment I do not know how to identify it, as the template I use is just the « backbone » design without the content… maybe every month I should save as a template the latest edition, and automate the sending of the template ?

What do you think ?

@GuillaumeCC I think the best way to go would be:

  • you create your desired automations, the ones that send an email on a regular basis.
  • and then, every XX days or weeks or months, you update this template

This approach is flexible, but requires you to pay a big attention to updating the template at the right time: otherwise, if you don’t think of updating it, the same email would be sent twice, do you see what I mean?