Let users auto segment themselves and send emails based on multiple criterias

Hi there,

I’m looking to create a highly detailed notifications newsletter tailored to users’ locations. Here’s the plan I have in mind, and I’d like to know if it’s feasible with Brevo and how to implement it:

  1. Users sign up for email notifications on my website.

  2. They receive a confirmation email:
    a. To verify their email address.
    b. To select their preferences, such as updates based on their location, specific update categories of interest, and frequency preferences (e.g., once a day, twice a week, once a week). Users can make these selections either directly from the email or from a landing page based on what’s doable.

  3. Based on their selections, users are segmented into different categories (e.g., by update category, frequence and location).

  4. I want to set up automation so that when a new update in category A is created and a user has chosen to receive updates twice a week, they’ll receive an email containing all updates in their region at the chosen frequency.

I’m particularly interested in understanding how steps 2 to 4 can be implemented in Brevo.

Detailed guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @dmartial , thanks for posting on this community!

I have a few ideas about what you could do (or not do - unfortunately) inside Brevo, but the step 4 makes me wonder: how will you manage the frequency, meaning:

  • if I want to receive emails every week, you’ll send me email 1 in week 1, email 2 in week 2, email 3 in week 3
  • but if I want to receive emails every two weeks, you’ll send me email 1 in week 1, and email 2 in week 3, or only email 1 and email 2?

Hey @ahudavert,
Thank you for getting in touch.
I haven’t figured this part out yet.
In my mind, I would have used my backend and run some functions to filter updates that are valid at a later date than the frequency of the email and create a single email with all relevant updates.

Updates where the dates is > frequency would not be included.

The idea is to be able to create automatically emails… which also might be part of my questions is it feasible?

Think of a real estate platform that sends you info about new homes on the market.

This is the exact same process I would like to set up if possible.

Hi @dmartial , I have an idea for you - let me know if it can fit your use case :slight_smile:

1. Create your segments

Here I am assuming the frequency preferences will be stored in a contact attribute, let’s call it UPDATE_PREF

Create a segment for each of the values of UPDATE_PREF, let’s take three examples:


2. Create your automations

Then, you can create the corresponding automations. All of them will be similar:

  • starting point: contacts correspond to a filter
  • action: send an email

The only difference between these automations will be when the filters will be checked:

  • for MONTHLY: choose monthly, let’s say the 1st of each month

And then, the action point would be to send an email. From what I understand, you’ll send the same template to all your customers, except the monthly subscribers will receive it only once per month, the twice per month will receive it twice, and the weekly once per week: with the filter check settings described above, it will be done automatically.

This way, the only thing you’ll have to do is update the email template you want to send, either manually or automatically.

This thread will give you other screenshots of how to set all of this up, with segments and filters: Setup automation for weekly newsletter - #2 par ahudavert

=> could this be a solution?

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Thank you! Indeed that should work I am gonna try it and let you know!

Thank your for taking the time.

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