Setup automation for weekly newsletter

Hi @cmerz1 , thanks for posting on this community!

Very interesting use case, thanks! This is how you can do this:

1. Welcome email

This can be natively managed in the form: choose to send a confirmation email when user subscribes, at the 4th step of the form setup:

2. Content Mail 1 (the following Sunday)

This can be achieved with the help of Segments and Automation. What we’ll build is an automation that:

  • every Sunday, at let’s say 10am
  • will take the contacts added between the previous Sunday and the Saturday just before
  • and will send them Mail 1

For this:

  • first, create a segment that will identify the contacts who have been added to your contact list between 7 days before (last Sunday) and 1 day before (last Saturday):

Save this segment.

  • then create the automation:
    • starting point: contact correspond to a filter: as a filter, you’ll choose the segment created just above. Choose to check this filter on a weekly basis, on Sundays at let’s say 10 am

  • action point: send an email template

Your automation should be as simple as that:

3. Content Mail 2 (next Sunday)

Similar to the previous example, but here the segment that you’ll create will be:
Contact added
Between 14 days before and 8 days before

etc etc for the other emails

Does this reply to your questions?

PS: if you want to be more granular when targeting your contacts, in case you are receiving contacts from other sources that your form, in addition to « Contact added » you should add a condition like « Contact belongs to a list », so that you’re sure of which contacts will receive the emails

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