Is there a way for readers to be able to read old campaigns?

I am planning to use campaigns for newsletters. So as I get new users, is there a way they can read old newsletters?

If yes, how do I set that up?


Hi @anishlal , thanks for posting on this community!

I think the best way would be to set up an automation:

  • as soon as you have new user, you add her to a list
  • for the automation, you can choose the « User added to a list » entry point
  • and then you can send emails, on a regular basis. If need be, you can add a chosen delay between the email sendings

See this article for more details about the entry point:
And this article for more details about the email sending action:

Does this reply to your question?

Thanks. I am new to this and will have to learn how automation can work for this.

Sure. Please have a look, and write here if you have any questions!

I have been looking around, and I think I can automate with an email template, not a campaign. Unless I replicate each campaign (a newsletter) as a template,. Are there any workarounds you are aware of?

We use this for newsletters too.
The work around I’ve found is to:
In the sent campaign list, click: More
Click: Share on Social Media
Scroll to bottom of pop up and click: Create preview without image
It creates a unique link to the campaign you can then share
Copy the link and create a list of past newsletters on your website somewhere and attach the URL to each one.


Thanks Josh. I will try it out. This is what I was looking for.