Automation response time is slow

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I set up an waiting list on my website and using the api sending emails to brevo.
To set up double auth, i’ve set up an automation. However this double optin email can take upto 30 mins to arrive. Is there a way to speed this process up or would there be a better way of setting this up?

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Hi @AIOAHO , thanks for posting on this community!

I am assuming you haven’t set any delays between the trigger and the action, so I don’t think there is a better way (if there are delays, you can remove them).

Indeed, this time to send an email is not normal, and it should be going quicker (I mean: usually, it’s going way quicker). I would recommend to try again a bit later, and if the problem persists, to contact our support team

Hey Ahu,

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No delays in place. I did a deep dive into the logs.
The logs show that the email was sent within 3 seconds. Myself trying it out with a test email. It also takes longer as the three seconds, maybe up to few minutes.

If it’s not a known issue than i’ll keep monitoring it and add some logs to my backend.


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