Why sending mail via SMTP is so long?

So I’m currently on the free tier to test out how that works and if it is the approriate tool for my website

But the thing that is annoying me is that to send 2 emails it takes like 30 seconds which is incredibly long.

I’m currently using nodemailer with the SMTP to send them, and when I was not using brevo but Gmail SMTP it took less than 5 seconds.

Any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @eli-ott , thanks for posting on this community!
Is this delay always happening, or is it sometimes less, and sometimes more?
Maybe @Mohit you have some clue about it?

@ahudavert yeah sometimes it is less, for example when I already sent a mail before on the same page it takes less time. It is usually the first mail that I send from a specific page that takes the most time.

Ok I see.
@Mauricio would you have any hints about the time it should take to send an email with the nodemailer with SMTP?