Campaign to Sequence error?

So I have learned the choice is either use a Sequence and have messages in a queue or use a Campaign and send without queuing

I then tried to use a Campaign to get people into a Sequence - but even though Brevo said it worked BUT it did not?

I am on the list and did NOT get the Campaign email, not Sequence emails ?

(Also @AdminSys - FYI Brevo outbound emails are still saying reply to SendInBlue :man_shrugging:)

Hi @MemberGate , I am not sure to understand what you’re trying to achieve: could you please give more details about it? Thanks

I want to create a list and email them to educate, entertain, and enact transactions over time

I want to plan ahead and have them join a predictable program, which I can review and improve over time

I dont want to wake up and be under pressure of writing and organising a mailshot

However, I may be inspired and so want to be able to send a message - randomly

(Join the list if you wish to see and experience)