Can't find a way to subscribe to a Brevo plan

Hi, I’m trying to subscribe to a Brevo plan however I keep getting the error « There was a problem while processing your payment, please check the details and try again. »

I’ve tried using multiple credits cards with the correct billing info and enough funds to cover the transaction but none of them worked. I also tried switching to Paypal but when I try to make the switch, I get the error message « An error occurred while adding your payment method. »

Lastly, I’ve tried to add a payment method under the « Payment methods » page but when I click on « Add a new payment method » it asks me to verify my billing information and takes me to the « Billing information » page. However my billing information is all correct and filled out.

This is really urgent because I have a client asking me to send emails, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried contacting Brevo support but haven’t received an answer yet.

Hi @rodrigoaoliva, thanks for posting on this community!

Did you get a reply from our support team?