Create a contact using

I’d like to create an automation to create a contact in Brevo. I will use the service

What I need:

  • Receive data via webhook, then check if the contact is in the contact list. If not, create the contact and if so, stop scenario.

I found that Brevo has an integration in, but I don’t really understand how to create a condition that would meet my requirement.

Does anyone have any experience, or could someone help me how to create such a scenario?

Hi @Kuldas ,

In case you haven’t seen it already, I saw there is a thread on the Make community about this topic: Creating a new contact on brevo - Questions & Answers - Make Community

Other than that, can you please give more details about this part: « I don’t really understand how to create a condition that would meet my requirement »; where are you blocked at?

Hi, @ahudavert ,
The condition I mean is « if the contact doesn’t exist, create it. If it exists, end the scenario ».

It is not clear to me what happens if I use the « create contact » module in and the contact:

  • already exists (email, first name, last name)
  • an email will exist but with a different first and last name

Hello @Kuldas I also work at Brevo and use our API on Make too :slight_smile:
What I understand from your scenario is that you don’t want to update the attributes of a contact if it exists in the database?

If the contact already exists in the database, it depends on the parameters you pass in your API post Create a Contact . If the contact already exists and you pass first_name and last_name attributes in your API, it will update the contact via this existing email. In any case, the email is the contact key for this API. If the contact doesn’t exist, it will create it.

If your need is indeed :

  • to create a contact if it doesn’t exist in the Brevo database
  • not to update the contact if it already exists in the database

My advice on Make :

  • The webhook of your other app as a trigger
  • Use Make’s HTTP « make a request » module using the API.
  • Pass the contact’s email that you will have retrieved from the webhook.
  • A filter if the APi message is « Contact does not exist » or Error = 404 > This means that the contact does not exist.
  • Then Make’s « make a request » HTTP module using the API Create a Contact and passing the new email to be created and the attributes to be qualified.

Tell me if it’s ok :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael. I am also using MAKE but encountering some problems

I created a scenario google sheet-> Brevo
Fact is that when the SMS field gets in empty or invalid I get the below error and the contact is not created in brevo.

2 problems

  1. Brevo doesn’t create the contact even though it gets a valid email address. WHY?
  2. How Make can fix the number.
    the module “phone number” requires to select a specific area code while I get numbers from all over the world…

Can anyone help?

Thank you