Creating a Manage Your Preferences Form in Brevo

I am currently in the process of creating an « Update your preference » form and have a specific requirement that I would appreciate your guidance on.

Here’s the situation:

  1. I have one master list containing all my contacts.
  2. I use an attribute called « TAGS » to differentiate the source of these contacts.
  3. I want to send out campaigns based on these TAGS, as I have multiple publications/newsletters scheduled weekly/monthly.

In my"Update your preference" form, I aim to allow recipients to opt in or out of specific publications/newsletters based on their preferences. I am keen on maintaining just one master list, rather than creating separate lists for each publication/newsletter.

My question is: How can I set up a « Manage Your Preferences » form that allows contacts to opt in or out of specific publications/newsletters without the need to create multiple lists?

I want to achieve something like the Manage Your Preferences form provided as an example.

Hi @joejacob94 , thanks for posting on this community!

The way you could manage this is:

  • let’s say you have two newsletters, a monthly one and a quarterly one
  • you create two contact attributes, let’s say « MONTHLY » and « QUARTERLY », of boolean type
  • inside your form, you add two checkboxes, one for the monthly newsletter, one the for quarterly one
    • if user checks the checkbox for the monthly one, then MONTHLY = true, otherwise MONTHLY = false
    • similarly for the quarterly one

Then, when user subscribes, she will be added to your master list, with these two parameters corresponding to her preferences.

And when you’ll want to send your monthly newsletter, you’ll target the people with MONTHLY = true, and similarly for the quarterly one.

Did I get your question well?
Adding here @Mohit and @RDuclos in the loop, if they have other ideas.

Thanks, I will try it.

This works. Thanks for the information.

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