DMARC Analysis Tool

Brevo is now recommending to set a DMARC TXT like:

v=DMARC1; p=none;

What happens to the reports which are sent to Is there a way to view or analyze the feedback? Or alerts in case the reports show problems?

Hello @svoop,
You won’t receive any report on your side with this email address. We added this rua tag so that Brevo users can easily be compliant with Gmail and Yahoo’s new sender requirements (more information about that here).
If you really want to view or analyze the reports, you can replace the Brevo email address with any other email address you have access to. But note that you’ll need to use another tool to read the reports as they’re in XML format.
Hope I could help!

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Hi @deborah_m

Thanks for your reply. Putting just a regular mailbox address there doesn’t cut it, the XML reports are not ment to be read by humans. That’s why other services feature rua addresses which are wired to a parser to create human readable reports based on the XML that come in. And i was wondering whether Brevo does this too.

Since I couldn’t find any hint of it, the address may be nothing more than /dev/null.

In any case, there are plenty of third-party services to do what’s apparently called DMARC monitoring, mostly reporting to fancy dashboards for a small to moderate monthly fee.

There’s also a free service on which compiles the XML into a weekly digest and optionally some level of access to the data over an API. I’m giving this one a shot for now.

Cheers, -sven

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There is also another free service now here:

That one from postmark is already paid and expensive.

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