E-mail Deliverability Issues with Google and Yahoo

I am currently experiencing a lot of deliverability issues on Google and Yahoo. Almost the entire list (98-99%) soft bounces or it says in processing mode. I looked at Google Postmaster tools, and I do see our domain is flagged for bad IP reputation, spam rates. etc. Brevo support provided excellent suggestions on what to do while sending campaigns: Cleaning and blocklisting unengaged users, slowly using the warm ip method. Is there anything else I need to do? I also noticed transactional and marketing e-mails are both being sent from a shared ip address. The automation sends a lot of e-mails daily, and I’m worried this is contributing to the issue. I have read several articles about the new changes that just took into effect this month.

Hi RickyCasillas, I was working on our DMARC certifications in April to avoid being flagged by google and yahoo.

You can read more on this topic here:

I hope this helps.


Hello @N_Allvital! Thank you so much for your article! I do believe our system did not have the correct DMARC configuration in April, and a ticket was created to get this fixed. It actually did help for a while, then we started getting flagged by Google again. I have been trying to only send to our engaged users and I have been trying to clean up our list. There’s a good chance our list could have some SPAM trap e-mails. Just wondering if there’s a service out there that could help us remove these e-mails.