Sender domain not authenticated

I made a webflow site for my client where form data is sent to make, then passed to brevo email template and sent to the user (form filler).

My client uses icloud mail and when putting that to the email template sender I get this message:

« Your sender domain is not authenticated, which might stop your emails from getting to Gmail and Yahoo users because of their new sender requirements. It could also affect other email providers. We’ll temporarily replace your domain with [ masterofturns@{hashedID}] when you email @yahoo.* or users, ensuring your campaigns get delivered. For optimal deliverability and to stop the domain replacement, we ask that you authenticate your domain and set up a DMARC record. »

I found this about apples mail:

This is quite out of my league. I don’t really know what to do with this. Is the mail delivery going to stop at some point or…?

Anybody understand what do I need to do?

Hi @tomppalonen , thanks for posting on this community!

I understand you’re using iCloud, which is not a domain that is allowed by Gmail and Yahoo. So what you need to do is to authenticate your own domain, so that your emails will be received by your contacts on Gmail or Yahoo.

There are more details in this article: New Google and Yahoo requirements

Please tell me if you have more questions, I’ll be happy to reply

Thanks! Found brevos very good answer there!!!

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Happy to read that this community is helpful!

Just to clarify this. On Brevos page it says:

So my client has this basic free apple mail that ends So theres NOTHING he can do to prevent the mails going to spam folder with THIS present mail address?

Yes exactly @tomppalonen : these new requirements are new constraints from Gmail and Yahoo, we can’t do anything about them.

Thank you. Got it.

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