Just tried but email went to spam folder!


i just registered with gmail and mydomain.com as sender and made some test.
Two tests with one list containing just 2 addresses one hotmail.and one gmail

Sending with the sender gmail the result was that the destination with gmail went to spam and the one hotmail got it on inbox.

Sending with my custom domain, gmail destination got the email on the inbox folder but the hotmail destination got the email on spam folder…

Seems not very reliable to me. Am i missing something?

Thank you

Hello! There are a plethora of reasons why your mails could end up in spam.
Why are emails being delivered to the spam folder?

You should always make sure you have authenticated your domain on Brevo:
Authenticate your domain (DKIM and Brevo code)

Maybe also try running a spam-check with a tool like mail-tester.
They are not 100% accurate all the time but can give you an overview on potential content issues.

I would also suggest to monitor your sending reputation with a tool like the google postmaster.

Happy sending!

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yeah, my domain is authenticated.
Not very relaible.

Anyway thanks

Same thing happening here now. Gmail being delivered to inbox. Outlook being delivered to spam

I’m having the same issue sending emails to Outlook, only with Brevo. It looks like the Brevo address hb.d.sender-sib.com is blacklisted? Same issues Brevo emailing Yahoo.com. In contrast, Brevo emaling gmail.com users pass the spam tests and land on the inbox.

I’m no expert, is this blacklist the root cause for the deliverability issue by any chance?

to replicate: send an email to an Outlook or yahoo address and analyse the headers with e.g. Email Header Analyzer, RFC822 Parser - MxToolbox . It will complain about « SPF Alignment » and in the description you’ll see the blacklist, click on the blacklist to see Brevo address with bad reputation (link to the report), see screenshots. Can this IP be changed to a new server somehow on our side (or Brevo’s) to test?