Form double confirmation email being sent from instead of my authenticated custom domain and senders

I have a subscription form I’m embedding in my website via iFrame to add subscribers to my email list. I have a custom domain and sender that works fine for email campaigns. My company name is updated on the profile as well as its website. (The domain is authenticated via DNS which I did with the cloudflare login)

However, when the form sends the double confirmation email, it is sent from something like or my email . How can I get it to use my custom domain account, or at least stop it from including my personal email in the from field?

I created a new Brevo account under a different email and it seems to work there despite having the same settings, sender and domain. I’m unsure of what could be wrong with my original account, but at least it works here and I will use the new account going forward.

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Glad to read it worked in the end.
This behavior is a bit strange indeed, but happy to see that you made it work with another account.