Filter Opened email does not recognized third party Email tools like Apple Mail

For an Email Campaign i just want to send out an email to a list which not open the last email which i send 1 day before.
So i setup the Audience like this

all Emails not opened 3 days >

A test reciever which open the first mail with using on Iphone the « Apple Mail » APP was recieving the second mail also.

so i checked the history of the Email and there was no opening recognized by Brevo.

So then we test to login to the Emailprovider website directly and open there the first Email.

Result than Brevo does Recognize!


If user open email with third Party Apps / Tools like « apple Mail » on Iphone Brevo does not recognize openers.

Is there a way to improve that problem? Or a other way to recognize and filter that?

Hi @mabub , thanks for posting on this community!

I’m a bit surprised by this behavior, because with the last changes in the Apple Mail settings, Brevo is not able to differentiate whether or not the contact has opened the email: Apple's Mail Privacy Protection: What to Expect for Email Marketers

Did you check with another Apple user, to be sure it works the same? Maybe the contact with which you tested has some personalized settings?

Thanks for this Info Post:

So here you avoid them in automation.

If you use it in Campaigns it is still possible when choosing the Condition filter while setup campain

There should be a Checkbox include / exclude Apple Devices and link there to the knowledge base