Question about Untrackable contacts

Are Untrackable contacts in the Campaign reports considered as actually opened?

I guess this is linked to this thread: Are these Statistics numbers wrong? - #2 par ahudavert

@Olivier_Beorchia maybe you know something on this topic?

@Olivier_Beorchia seems to be very busy…
Anyone else that could clarify this?

I found more detailed description in this article:

it says:
People using Apple Mail have the possibility to enable a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection. This feature will not be enabled by default. Once a contact chooses to enable it, Apple Mail will preload pixels, even if the email wasn’t opened.

When your contact enables Apple Mail Privacy Protection, all the emails received in Apple Mail will be reported to us as opened. It would make open rates inflated and unreliable.

As Apple Mail will automatically open all tracking pixels, it will no longer be possible to clearly determine which emails have been opened by a human.

Opens on Apple Mail can no longer be accurately counted in the open rates

Here are the measures taken by Brevo to continue giving a relevant analysis of your email campaigns:

  • Exclude Apple Mail opens when calculating the open rate.
  • Exclude Apple Mail opens from “Open” trigger conditions for automations.
  • Give you the possibility to continue using your automations, but without opening triggers from Apple Mail users. By taking this decision, we can be sure that we are not increasing the number of spam emails.
  • Provide you with an estimated open rate and estimated number of open emails. Based on the data collected by our system, we will be able to give you estimated statistics that are precise enough to measure the success of your campaigns.
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