Is it possible to import a CSV of contacts with list information also attached?

I have a modest list of email addresses that I would like to import into Brevo, using a CSV, and I would like to assign them to lists as they’re imported in Brevo, is that possible?

Hi @linkslistapp , thanks for posting on this community!

Actually, when you’ll import contacts, you’ll be able to import them to a specific list.

I understand from your question that you would like to say: contact 1 goes to list 1, contact 2 to list 2, contact 3 to list 1, contact 4 to list 3, etc etc, right?
If yes, I’m afraid this is not possible and you can only add contacts to one given list. If you wish to import contacts of one given CSV into multiple lists, you should create different CSVs, one for each list.