Is it possible to purchase credits without signing up to a subscription?

I don’t plan on running consistent email campaigns, they’re really only going to happen once or twice a year, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to purchase enough credits to email my contact list at the times that I’m going to need them, rather than paying the subscription for months where I don’t send any emails at all

EDIT: this reply is not correct, see below

Hi @linkslistapp , thanks for your post!

On Brevo you can’t purchase email credits, you have to have a subscription, but
what you can do if you wish is pausing your subscription, like described here:

Hope this helps!

Oh that’s great, pausing will work perfectly, thanks!

I was also thinking about prepaying for email credits but I don’t understand your response based on this page: Pay As You Go Pricing | Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Are you saying that I would need to be on at minimum a Starter Plan and that I can purchase email credits in addition to the 20k / mo the Starter Plan offers?

Yes @thebuzz sorry my reply was incorrect, I changed it.
Your’re totally right, you can buy credits, whatever your plan, sorry for the confusion.

So @linkslistapp you have two choices:

  • either you buy credits
  • and/or you can as well pause your subscription if you wish
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@ahudavert Thanks for your help! I have another question - I have a great variance in my volume: 5 months out of the year I send out larger volumesa: 360k+, 160k+, 110k+, 40k+ (2) - the remaining months are 20k or below. What would happen if I signed up for the 20k subscription and then went over the volume on the 5 months I mentioned. Would I simply be charged the pay as you go price for the additional emails?

Is there any difference in functionality between pay as you go vs. Starter Plan?

Does your template engine support handlebars or some other templating language that will allow me to show dynamic content? I’m testing very basic handlebars and am getting an error so I think the template engine doesn’t support the syntax.

If you go for the 20k subscription and then send more emails:

  • if you purchase more email credits: each new email sent will be taken into your Pay As you Go quota
  • rest of the features would still be accessible, based on your plan

Compared to the free plan, from what I understand, with Pay as you Go the Brevo logo at the bottom is removed.