Is Senders Reputation reduced by this?

Please let me know what could be the reason for reduced rating of Reputation. Is is INCIDENT 1 or INCIDENT 2, or maybe something completely different?

We have a Business Plan in our organization. The sender’s email is That email is verified and the domain is authenticated. The Senders domain Reputation was so far rated as « Good ».

Recently I wanted to use my own email as a sender I added it to the Senders in my Free Brevo account. DMARC got a green tick right away, but DKIM signature had to be fixed. But I’ve noticed after couple of days that the Reputation of the domain was reduced to « fair ». Could my entering of my sender email with the same domain but in a separate account cause that degrading? Or is it the INCIDENT 2 that possibly could cause that?

Some days ago a new mailing campaign was sent for our organization using the main email as a sender. Something went wrong with that mailing and when the recipients clicked on the link in the email a page opened with this message:
"This link may be harmful
We have found suspicious activities for this link. may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing a software or revealing your personal informations. Please proceed carefully with the emails sent from this user.
If you understand the risks to your security, visit the unsafe site."

Could this link be the cause of that Reputation reduction rating?