Mail Automation: Change unsubscribe page content

Hello Brevo community,

we are facing currently the following problem:

We are using transactional emails for our GDPR opt-in process. Mail templates within automations are used to send emails to contacts.

When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email, the browser shows a very default unsubscribe page.

How can the content of the unsubscribe page be edited?

The unsubscribe form under campaign settings are not working here, it seems that another unsubscribe form is used, which we can not find.

In the email templates the unsubscribe link is configured as « Unsubscribe (global) ».

Where can the regarding unsubscribe page be found and edited?

Thank you very much in advance!

Has no one an idea?

We really need help here please.

Hi @Tengelmann , thanks for posting on this community!

This topic is currently being worked on: we would like to give you the possibility to edit your unsubscription pages, even for transactional emails, because for the moment it is standard only indeed.

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