Mail Sender uppercase English letter configuration

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How to modify the sender’s email address to capital letters: Example: is No reply since September 27, 2023

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I understand that you would like to add a sender to Brevo and have it in capital letters, right?

I am not sure this is possible. I guess that when you add a sender we put it in small letters by default

yes 。I set it to English upper case, but actually received English lower case, what should I do?

Configuration options: senders, domain names and private IP–DNS

Yes I think Brevo will automatically transform any sender’s email to small letters

Is there no other way?

hi !
Is there any way to change it to capital letters??ask for help

Hi @zach

Out of curiosity, is there specific use case or reason for using all capital letters?

Hi dule:
Finally waiting for your reply: In order to improve the c-end user experience, the sender can display capital English letters when the user receives the email! Can you change it for me?

It’s best practice to keep the email address in lowercase and I’d advise not using ALL CAPS.

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Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply