Product Suggestions and Improvements

I think it would be beneficial if there was a place that users could submit product suggestions/improvements. I know after using the program for a few weeks, I have some suggestions and things I’d love to see implemented.

Is development still being done on the app as the last update was last year

Hi @Dave , thanks for your question!

That’s great if you have ideas to improve the platform. Please feel free to share them on this thread, I’ll tag the relevant persons.

As well, what do you mean by « the last update was last year »? We’re releasing new features to the platform every week :slight_smile:

I was referring to the information located at
it shows the last release was in 2023.


Ability to add tags to contacts that we can use to sort and slice and dice lists and start automations

In automations, the ability to trigger an automation by joining a segment

In automations, the ability to trigger an automation by the contact having a tag

More form options, like the ability to make the form a popup.

I have more, but that is all the time I have right now.

Thanks! Indeed, this page shows a last release in July 2023. @Michael-Bastien could be interested in knowing this.

For automations:

  • what do you mean by « joining a segment »?

  • tag: whenever
    I think @sylvain could be interested by these suggestions

  • popups: yes - that is something we have started working on. What would be your use cases, ie for which cases would you use pop ups?

By joining a segment I mean the following. Let’s say you have a list and it is called Customers. In that list, you created a segment of Top Customers. Whenever a contact enters a list and is added to a segment, that should trigger automations. Right now, you can trigger an automation by entering a LIST, but not by entering a SEGMENT

Popups - I use popups for a variety of things such as
Joining a mailing list by popping up after X seconds on a page
Exit intent popup - only appears when they are about to leave the page

Basically the features of Optimonk or at least Klaviyo.

Ok I see, thanks for your replies.

About segments: you can already trigger an automation based on a segment, by using filters. Here are more details:

Could this fit your need?

Ok noted for pop ups. We are currently working on it, I’ll update you when I know more (not tomorrow :smile: but in a few weeks / months)

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Dave.

Can you elaborate a bit what kind of flow you’re trying to build with popups on optimonk and klaviyo? What happens when someone enters their email and how do you use it in the future?

Btw I sent you an email in case you want to talk about it in details. Thanks.

I sent you an email.