Recipient List Check before sending the campaign

Good afternoon Team Brevo,
how can i double check the recipient list before sending the email?
after having set the filters to target my recipients, i would like to double check the list before proceeding with sending the email? it seems like i’m able to see the number of recipient but not actually the list and details of each contact.

thanks for your support.

Hi @Nic , thanks for your question!

Basically, what you would like to be able to do is access the contact list of a given list or given segment, is that it?

Hi, thanks you for your prompt reply.

We desire to double check the list of recipients before sending the campaign. When we select the recipients through the filters we can’t double check the details of who is included in the list.
We only see the number of recipients however, we would like to verify the final list to make sure that any contacts have been wrongfully included

@Mohit @RDuclos what do you think?

This is useful information for @Olivier_Beorchia and email campaign team.