Send campaign according to time zone

We have many contacts from all over the world.
I’d like to be able send a campaign to arrive in inboxes at 6am for everyone regardless of where they are in the world.
Is there an easy way to set that up?
All I can think of is setting up lists for every time zone in the world and scheduling the same campaign at 24 different times…
Any other ideas or could this be a Brevo feature?

Hi @josh.mills , thanks for posting on this community!

That’s a very interesting use case.
Indeed, I don’t see any other solutions than the one you’re already proposing.

You could try as well the feature called « Send at the best time »:
and check if the performance is better or not.

The pro of this solution is that you don’t have to create 24 lists, but on the other side of course you have less control on the exact time at which the campaign will be sent.

Does this help?

Thanks - I do use the Send at best time option, but like you say, I’ve no control over what time Brevo thinks is best for each contact!
It would be nice to have that added as a feature - even just some general parameters eg. send before 9am, send during working hours, send in the evening etc and then to connect it to the location/time zone of each contact.

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Indeed, that could be useful!
Let me add @Mohit @RDuclos here

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