Can I randomly choose different contacts from my list each day?

Want to run a campaign, each day choose 10 new random email contacts from my list of 1000, send them email, next day repeat and never choosing previously chosen emails, run until the end or 100 days.

Can I do that?

Hi @jasonatbrevo ,

I don’t think you can do that on Brevo. Though, what you could do:

  • put your contacts in a file like Excel
  • sort them randomly
  • then create lists of let’s say 10 contacts
  • schedule sendings to each of these lists

Would that work?

Thank you, @jasonatbrevo, for reaching out with your use case.
Thanks @ahudavert, for your answer.

We have a « send in baches » option, but only for BrevoPlus plan.
You can find more information on it at the end of the article in the Schedule section.
Do you think it is the kind of option you need?

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@Olivier_Beorchia that’s exactly what I need… but no way I can afford that price bump.

Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately, at the moment, this feature is an advanced one.

Another idea could be using Automations to automate your task with a custom Automation workflow.
Don’t hesitate to let us know if you test this approach.

Thanks @Olivier_Beorchia for this idea! How would you configure the automation to send in batches?

I was thinking of the " Add a delay" condition, but I’m not an automation expert :sweat_smile:


Do you think it could work to create a « sending sequence »?

Absolutely! And then @jasonatbrevo would need then to create a list for each batch, like I said in the first comment. This can work, indeed :+1: